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GreenHome’s range of food packaging and disposable tableware is made from natural resources and is fully compostable creating a cradle to cradle lifecycle.

New Product

2 & 4 slice Sandwich Boxes: made from corn starch and 100% biodegradable and compostable.


Made from

  • All our products are made from plant based materials
  • They are made from natural and non toxic resources including sugarcane waste fibre, corn starch, wood cellulose and recycled unbleached paper.
  • They are compostable: Best case scenario they end up in a home or commercial compost heap and used to feed the soil and grow more plants.
  • They are biodegradable: If they do end up in a landfill, they will biodegrade when exposed to bacteria, moisture and heat, and future generations won’t be left wondering what to do with them.

Recycled Sugarcane Fibre

  • Many of our products are made from a sugarcane by-product called Bagasse
  • It is a by-product, the fibre left after sugar has been extracted from sugarcane. It has the lowest environmental impact of all our food packaging products.
  • Bagasse is a sustainable & renewable natural resource. Sugar takes one year to regrow.
  • Certified GM Free
  • It is home compostable. It breaks down into its natural components in a well managed home compost heap in less time than our biodegradable plastic packaging.

Fresh In


Wooden toothpicks individually wrapped in brown paper.
Made from renewable plant based materials and 100% compostable.